What we offer

Focus is always to deliver an exceptional level of customer service to exceed the expectation of our clients and residential customers, whilst ensuring that the developments within our care are managed and maintained safely and to the highest possible standard.

We work with property developers on new build developments building a bespoke plan which puts in place risk management and compliance strategies prior to practical completion. We have a unique approach to mobilising sites which allows us to manage the first response to aftercare through a joint platform.

We pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled level of customer service which we routinely survey and use feedback to make improvements on out service. Our IT platform allows us to provide bespoke reports to our clients on KPI’s which extend further than financial and risk data but include response time on requests from customers and client satisfaction rates on all interactions with their block team.

Burlington Estates are able to scale as required ensuring that we are always staffed at the correct level. We are able to demonstrate complete commitment to resource the management of any development appropriately so that service levels remain in place at all times.

We have established robust policies and procedures to ensure that every aspect of our service delivery is of the highest possible standard and complies at all times with prevailing legislation and best practise.

Services for property developers

  • Regular site inspections
  • Systematic handover process where applicable
  • Issuing Section 20 notices
  • Dealing with regular lift maintenance
  • Ensuring health and safety compliance
  • Entering into and managing maintenance contracts on behalf of the client
  • Preparing specifications and contracts for minor works and services such as cleaning, gardening, window cleaning and overseeing such works

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