Thinking Sustainably

At Burlington Estates, we understand our responsibility when it comes to our carbon footprint and that of the buildings we manage. Therefore, we make every effort to implement procedures which are as carbon friendly as possible. Minimising our waste taken to landfill, adopting a paperless office policy, and offering a cycle to work scheme are just some ways in which Burlington Estates operate a more energy efficient environment.

This is also implemented in the buildings we manage. We regularly review the contractors and suppliers we use to provide services to our buildings, evaluating where more sustainable changes could be made. From sourcing contractors who use energy efficient machinery to lower noise pollution, to the materials used in larger building projects, we are continuously working hand-in-hand with our clients to act on our sustainability agenda. We have recently spoken to a cleaning contractor who has agreed to refrain from using nontoxic cleaning agents and single use plastic, whilst another is now using machinery powered by solar inverters instead of petrol. By using companies whose values match our own, we believe we will be able to help the buildings we manage become greener, quicker.

Through open communication with our clients and residents we are able to determine their ambitions towards sustainability. We then work with them to work to acting towards meeting the UK’s net zero target by 2050.

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